Borne out of Floor Barre - a low impact mat based exercise used by dancers to rehabilitate and avoid stress on the joints - this class tones and sculpts in the places that count!


Integrated with some pilates and yoga exercises this class also concentrates on  increasing core strength and flexibility.


No knowledge of ballet necessary, and suitable for anyone that wants to tone, strengthen and stretch.

"Ballet Fusion is an excellent work-out on specific parts of the body and it’s fun blending ballet and pilates. I was a complete novice but the difference I feel in my flexibility and muscle tone  is remarkable." Alison V


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Discover your inner Darcy! ….If you haven’t done ballet since you were a child and you want to come back to it, this class is for you.. A fun class for anyone from 18yrs to 80yrs with a basic knowledge of ballet.

"Starting ballet lessons as an absolute beginner in January 2019, at the recommendation of a medical professional after being diagnosed with a debilitating physical condition - and having to make health adjustments- I had no idea what to expect! By the end of the first lesson, the only way to describe how I felt is as if a spark ignited inside me, which has continued to shine bright over the last eight months as my passion for ballet had grown deeper by the week." Francesca DS


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