Pilates is an exercise technique designed to strengthen your core (internal back and stomach muscles). It consists of a series of mat-based movements and this class is suitable for everyone. Pilates compliments any exercise regime and has been used by dancers, athletes and celebrities for many years. This class will not only help you to improve back pain, posture, balance and co-ordination, it will also will help to flatten and tone those stomach muscles!

Modifications can be made to all exercises to either increase the challenge or reduce stress on the joints - perfect for all those with injuries or in pregnancy. Do remember to tell your instructor if any of these issues apply.


"I go to Pilates at Push creaking and aching and afterwards I float out feeling several inches taller!" Liz P



Using the 8 principles of Pilates the class will focus on breathing, releasing tension and stretching tight muscles and fascia tissue. We will work on relaxing the neck, shoulders and upper back, promoting greater movement through the shoulder girdle and spine, stretching the hips and legs, while strengthening the core muscles of the back and abdominals.

Ideal for office and home workers slumped over a desk all day, busy mums, those recovery from injury or illness and sporty types who want to improve their performance and avoid injury.


The class will help to alleviate stress in the mind and body while improving posture and muscle balance through one hour of pure relaxation, focus and release.

"I have been going regularly to Pilates classes at PUSH for over 10 years. I never thought I'd say that I liked exercising but if I don't go at least once a week I start to miss it. " Pat W