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Tess brings a lifetime of yoga practice rooted in the Astanga tradition. She spent much time during her childhood in head stand and hand stands never actually having heard of yoga and first arrived at an actual yoga class in her teens, enabling her to make sense and understand what it was that she was seeking. Since then, Tess's passion for seeking joy, and her love of all things dance and movement continues to inform her practice and teaching. 


Tess trained as a yoga teacher with Yoga London and continues her advanced training in yoga teaching and yoga therapy for anxiety. Her many years of work as a therapist in the NHS working with survivors of complex psychological trauma alongside her own life experience, frames her teaching.  Tess teaches dynamic and restorative yoga and teaches mindfulness.  She is committed to creating an accessible safe environment for all which supports  curiosity, empowerment, enjoyment and exploration of breath, mind and movement to promote wellbeing and resilience, both on and off the yoga mat.

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